Geisser Engineering Corporation

Geisser Engineering Corporation provides consulting services in structural design, site design and geotechnical design as well as testing construction materials such as soil, concrete and steel. Additionally, our office provides field technicians who inspect construction on all levels. We have been in business since 1953, and have been performing independent geotechnical explorations since the foundation of our subsidiary, Allstate Drilling, in 1955.

Our design work has ventured into structures as diverse as dams, high-rises, warehouses, asphalt silos, large wind turbines, and residential homes. We have steadily performed structural and geotechnical analyses throughout the years. We regularly operate as consultants for major projects throughout RI and MA. Though the primary focus of our work is within either RI or MA, we have performed work as far north as Maine and as far south as Pennsylvania.

Our office has a full function materials testing laboratory in which we perform testing in accordance with ASTM and AASHTO specifications. We routinely perform strength (compressive and tensile) testing of construction materials including, but not limited to, concrete, CMU steel columns, anchor bolts, et cetera. Our soils lab performs sieve and density testing, as well as LA abrasion and organics testing of soils.

Another major aspect of our company is our inspection division. Our field technicians ensure that construction is being performed in accordance with required specifications on-site. Such inspection services include, but are not limited to, concrete testing, field soil density testing (compaction), steel inspection, reinforced masonry inspection, re-bar inspection, spray applied fire proofing inspection, geotechnical field inspection, structural inspection, load testing, et cetera. Our work as inspectors has been extensive and varied, covering such projects as the Dunkin Donuts Center, roadway inspection, FM Global's expansion projects, projects with most major universities in and around RI, et cetera.

Our company expanded its capacities further still by inception of our sister company, New England Foundation and Stabilization Co., in 1991. This company stabilizes and reverses the settlement of existing structures, as well as providing deep foundation support for new construction.


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